We express God’s love

Bowels of Mercy is a Christian NGO for students in the University of Ibadan. We reach out to a section of vulnerable people in the society which include orphanages and rehabilitation centers.

What we do

Our aim is to show the love of Christ and care for others as the bible instructs us in Philippians 2:4- “do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.

In this, our interest lies in caring for the less privileged and serving as middle men through which others with little or no contact to people like the above mentioned, can give their support also.


There are five homes we primarily visit. Two are government homes while the remaining three are orphanages run by private individuals.


The Government Homes Include:

  1. Remand Home
  2. Rehabilitation Centre


The Private Owned Orphanages Include:

  1. Children of Promise (CHIPROM)
  2. Jesus Christian Mission Home (JCMH)
  3. His Heritage Home (HHH)

All these homes are located in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.


Friday Visits:

Once the university is in session, we pick one of the five homes to visit each Friday.

During our visits, we share God’s word with the children and also questions, we pray together and help them with their assignments or chores. We also engage them in puzzles, paintings, drawings, etc.

We take along food items, toiletries or goodies for the kids.

With God’s help, we make sure our visits portray God’s love to these wonderful and lovely Children.

Children’s Day Party

This is an annual program where we invite all the kids for the children’s day celebration which holds on the 27th May.

Home Concert/ Christmas Party

This is also an annual program where all the homes come around to the University of Ibadan (Home) during Christmas season. This event comprises of the beautiful children showcasing their talents and skills and also an opportunity for various students of the university (that aren’t members) to meet up with them and likewise entertain the children too.

Birthday Parties

Sometimes, our friends or partners might want to celebrate their birthdays in some of our homes. We come in by helping to organize these events because of our familiarity with the homes.


Since we serve as middle men between these less-privileged homes and the community, we help willing partners that desire to sponsor the education of a child or sponsor the skill acquisition of a set of people or in any other form to generate and sustain contact with the individuals involved.


Mode of Participation:

  1. Being a member
  2. Being a partner



Members are majorly students in the University of Ibadan. Members have meetings on Monday mornings by 7a.m. Monday meetings are to pray for the homes and children; members, partners and their family members; the nation as a whole and other matters as led by God.

We also strategize concerning Friday visits, welfare of the children and other matters.



Partners are members of Bowels of Mercy (within and outside Ibadan) who do not have enough time on their hands. Members also automatically become partners after graduation.

They contribute financially and also come for meetings, visits and programs occasionally.

We all work together to see God use these wonderful children to His Glory.

We would love to have you

Become a member or partner

Children’s Care



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